Nika Litter
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Nika Litter - CinniBon’s Classic Nika

Pup Pedigree

Nika is a pretty classic girl who could use a little more head. Gambler sure delivered in this litter. There are 8 pups in this litter, five boys and three girls. Pictures are by individual puppy progression, rather than grouped by age. Click any photo to enlarge image.

Laila10 days







Laila head

Laila 5 mo

Laila 5mo win

Laila 7 mo

Luke & Laila


Luke 4_5wk-4 (2)1

Luke 6wk-1

Luke 6wk-71

Luke 9wk-10

Luke 11wk-3

Luke 11wk-6


Luke 17 weeks

Tex 10 days

Tex 4 wks

Tex 6wk

Tex 6 wk

Tex 10 wk

Tex 10 wk

Tex 11wk

Tex 11 wk

Tex 11 wk

Tex 4mo

Tex 4mo

Tex 6 mo

Tex 6mo

Tex 6mo

Iris 10 days

Iris 4 wk

Iris 6 wk

Iris 6 wk

Iris 9 wk

Iris 11 wk

Isabella 10 days

Isabella 4wk

Isabella 6 wk

Isabella 6 wk

Isabella 11wk

Isabella 11wk

Joey 10 days

Joey 4 wk

Joey 6 wk

Kobe 10 days

Kobe 4 wk

Kobe 6 wk

Kobe 6 wk

Loki 10 days

Loki 4 wk

Loki 6 wk

Loki 6 wk

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