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Wag's Enterprises is a sole propriatorship doing business as Ultimate Dog Stacker, B.I.T.F.Sports, Show In A Box and CinniBon Boxers.

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Entries received without fees will not be accepted. Per chapter 11 section 4 of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows: "To be acceptable, an entry must: Be submitted with required entry fee."
Each Club has a selection of cart buttons specific to their entry fees. Be sure to use cart buttons for your specific show. For EACH entry a 6.0% administrative fee will be charged, listed as a Ground Shipping when you are transferred over to Paypal. An error message may pop up on your browser. The cart/paypal is secure, so please hit continue to proceed with payment. Using a PC is best, as some tablets/phones may not allow cart function. If you have difficulty with payment, contact us and we will send an invoice for your entry.
HAVANESE Club of So Cal
First Entry, Regular- $34.00


Each Adtll Class of the same dog - $28.00


Sweeps, Parade - $28.00



First Entry, Regular- $28.00


Each Adtll Class of the same dog - $20.00


Sweeps, BBE, Vet, Puppy(6-9/9-12) classes - $20.00


4-6 Beginner Puppy - $20.00




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Tel: 760-473-5203